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Promptings 2020 Convention

This year's virtual Promptings 2020 Convention on September 9-12, 2020 is essentially three events in one!

First, you’ll attend the Relationship Marketing Grand Summit, which benefits every entrepreneur looking to scale their business with practical relationship marketing practices. This portion of the event is two days, with Founder and CVO Kody Bateman as the headlining speaker. Then you’ll be able to experience the renowned Promptings Academy, an in-depth personal development seminar meant to help you find your inner genius. And to round out the event, the final day includes SendOutCard recognitions, trainings and updates to ignite your inner passion to build the life you dream of. The entire virtual convention will help you build a better business as you become the best version of YOU possible.

Promptings Academy

Promptings Academy is an event focused on aligning your mind with success. This year, you'll be able to do that from the comfort of your own home thanks to SendOutCards' in-home events.

SendOutCards Founder and CVO Kody Bateman has created this inspiring virtual program to help cultivate your own personal development and inspire you to become your best self. During the event, he invites all attendees to build on who they are as they take action to change their life and the lives of those around them.

You’ll leave with the ability to live a more authentic life, in and out of the office. We look forward to having you at our April Promptings Academy!

Our November event will be a LIVE event, hosted in Salt Lake City, UT. Kody Bateman will host everyone during a full-day personal development seminar that will be life altering. Register your spot by clicking the link below.

SendOutCards System Training

The SendOutCards System Training is for Executive and above Referral Partners to host small to large gatherings for a user workshop type training of the SendOutCards system. This system training will provide an overview of the Relationship Manager, 3-ways to send, and how to get the best use for personal or business.


  • Executive or above Affiliate trainings will be reviewed and approved for promotions by admin of the group.
  • SendOutCards System Trainings are open to all guests.
  • No recruiting other's guests.
  • No cross-selling.
  • No selling/promoting tools that are not SendOutCards-approved.
  • No outside vendor sales or recruiting.
  • No URL or web redirects can be shown other than SendOutCards specific URL's
  • The SendOutCards System Training Overview curriculum must be followed to ensure proper training of the SendOutCards System.