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"With this Promptings rebrand, I feel we are more connected to our mission, our values, and our users with our story. We are very excited to streamline our products within the Promptings company and provide an even easier way to change the world with positivity, one prompting at a time.” - Kody Bateman - CVO

Promptings are what we are about - it's only fitting we should be the Promptings company. Our Greener Still opportunity and parent company of all our product lines is now PROMPTINGS. This helps to bring us more into alignment with our company mission and statement that we have had since the beginning. Following and acting on promptings is an essential part of living a fulfilled life. With this new rebrand, we are also launching our Founder and CVO, Kody Bateman's new ebook, The Promptings Process.

Promptings Process Ebook

This ebook walks readers through the Promptings Process, focusing on all of the mechanisms within our product lines that helps everyone act on their inner and outer promptings. Check it out! Get your Promptings Process ebook - FREE! Learn about the evolution of the Promptings Process, the story of how Kody Bateman experienced a life-altering moment where he missed out on acting upon his own prompting and how that changed the course of his life. He explains, from the beginning, how he has created our 6 product lines and why they help you recognize and act on your promptings.

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