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SendOutCards Event Cycle

From one event to the next, there is always something new to learn. Be sure you are hosting events, attending events and getting your team members to attend events. This is the most pivotal part of building your business, so lead by example and act on it. We know how important it is, which is why we have dedicated this page to help you find more ways to attend events near you.

On this page, you will find events that touch each point of this Event Cycle. From one-on-ones, small groups and larger public events, they all lead up to the corporate events where everything you have learned will be tied together. We encourage you to attend events and become familiar with these trainings to further your business venture.

Annual Convention

At our Annual Convention, you’ll feel the power of SendOutCards through trainings, seminars, and motivational general sessions. When you join us August 7-10, 2019 in Salt Lake City, UT, you'll learn how to develop your best self, while discovering how to positively influence the lives of those around you. This event will expand your understanding of how to build a successful network marketing business. In addition, you will learn to leverage technology in bringing relationship marketing to the business industry. Capture the importance of living your life to the fullest, as we come together to change the world.

Relationship Marketing Summits

The purpose of attending a Relationship Marketing Summit is to align your mind with success. Kody Bateman, Founder and CVO of SendOutCards, has developed an inspiring message with an unforgettable experience by instructing you to become your best self, and then acting on who you are to change lives.

This event, held in a variety of regions around the world, will provide you with insightful personal development tools fused with pivotal business building fundamentals to help you in your personal and professional life.

You are invited to join us at this exceptional personal development event to:

- Learn about yourself and your true passion
- Set new goals for success that is in alignment with who you are
- Implement daily successful habits
- Create core purpose statements
- Learn and follow a manifestation process
- Learn more about Send0utCards as a personal and business tool


Webinars are a great way to share and train SendOutCards' two-fold mission to help millions of people act on their promptings and provide a vehicle for financial freedom. Our corporate and field leaders are regularly scheduling powerful online presentations for you, your teams and your prospects to use to your advantage.

Opportunity Meetings

Our Opportunity Meeting is a great way to expose prospects to the SendOutCards opportunity. You can host your own Opportunity Meeting or attend a meeting hosted by other SendOutCards distributors. Check the Event Map/List to find an event near you.

Opportunity Call

The Opportunity Call is an absolute must for any new prospect! Share the excitement of being a part of SendOutCards by inviting your guests to join you on this informative call. This is the perfect way to immerse your prospects in the wonderful world of earning a living through giving. Easily call the number below at any time for a prospect to hear our opportunity.

Dial 1-800-985-1812

SendOutCards Weekly Call

Every Referral Partner whose focus is on building their organization should be on this call. Each week a SendOutCards Weekly call is hosted by various leaders to help you make the most of your SendOutCards business. This call will detail all of the happenings going on in our SendOutCards universe.

Hosts/guests will also share success stories and give their own advice on how to build a business into a successful vehicle for financial success. Their invaluable insight into how they are leading their teams and building a successful SendOutCards business is basically coaching that everyone can benefit from.

Call Mondays @ 6:00 p.m. (MT)
Pin: 551099#

International Phone Lines:

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Leaders Conference Calls

You have the ability to listen to Senior Executive & Eagle distributors weekly business building calls. Join the weekly calls of our top distributors to learn new business building techniques.

Eagle - Jordan Adler

Mondays - 7:30 p.m. (MT)



Eagle - Melissa Barlock

Tuesdays - 7 p.m. (MT)

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