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SendOutCards has launched into the social world and we are fully equipped with social platforms for you to utilize as tools. If you are not subscribed to any of the following social media outlets we highly encourage you to do so. Each outlet features unique material to support your business, so stay on top of the latest news, industry trends, featured gifts and promotions to enhance your social sharing ability by staying connected with us!


Follow our official Facebook page. Our page is full of fun and exciting posts to inspire and share with your own social world. Our Facebook will prompt you to send cards and gifts and showcase our upcoming card trends and gifts from the SOC Gift Shop. You will also find uplifting quotes and content to inspire your promptings.


The SOC Instagram is your #1 source for all things gifting and is a wonderful visual resource to share with your customers and social friends! Our Instagram also includes a special behind the scenes look into gifting at SendOutCards and a sneak peek to our latest catalog.


We love to tweet out quick updates on all things SOC. Follow us to keep up on our tweets, re-tweets and favorites! You can also tweet at us anytime and we’ll live tweet with you


We love to pin the things we love. Follow our Pinterest boards for creative and seasonal inspiration.


Looking for a specific video you can share on your social networks? Check out our YouTube channel and find what inspires you! All the videos on our YouTube channel are available to share.


Our official video hosting site where all of our SOC videos are categorized for quick location. You can download any of these videos directly to your computer or mobile device in any format so you are prepared on the go!


Get Collecting!

SendOutCards is exposing the power of our best product -- the greeting card -- by unleashing the creativity of our entire community while harnessing the power of social media through our own social card-sharing platform, Sendcere.

An intellectual tool within Sendcere that provides every day, in-demand cards in conjunction with well-crafted social posts proven to capture the attention of others on social media. This tool is called SOCGuru, an expert level feature within Sendcere created for your social sharing activity.

SOCGuru makes it easy to celebrate life’s moments at the drop of a hat. By utilizing SOCGuru you are providing the ultimate service and prompt for your social media friends; you are inspiring them to send, you are reminding them to send and you are providing a way for them to send. Sendcere and SOCGuru are the perfect pair for social media.

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Want to be a master at relationship marketing? Want to stay connected with Kody B himself and learn the priceless principles he’s teachings thousands? Subscribe to his blog today and make sure you are constantly strengthening your business efforts! 

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Greetings! A SendOutCards Monthly Newsletter focuses on the needs of our customers and inspires new promptings. Filled with reasons to send, custom card and gift pairings along with featured lifestyle pieces. This is a great way for SendOutCards customers to keep in touch and stay on top of their card sending! As a SendOutCards Distributor, you are already opted in to receive our monthly Greetings! Newsletter.