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South Jordan, UT 84009

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Kody Bateman

Chief Visionary Officer & Co-Founder

Jodi Bateman



Name Title Birthday
Glen Bogue Director of Compliance 3/2
Kindsey Phoumyxay Accounts Payable 3/23
Mike Nielson Director of Finance / HR 5/16
Natasha McClurg Accounting 8/12
Cyndi Turgeon Accounting 11/2
Customer Success
Name Title Birthday
Walter McFashion Director of Customer Success 1/2
Isabelle Hyland Customer Success 2/14
Sam Rowan Customer Success 2/25
Danielle Heilman-Myers Customer Success 2/9
Sandra Barrus Customer Success 3/5
Qiyana Thornton Customer Success 5/6
Patricia Hemby Customer Success 6/21
Alyna Reagan Customer Success 6/26
John Nielson Customer Success 6/3
Ruth Hyland Customer Success 7/29
Jennifer Ollerton Customer Success 7/6
Pepe Taula Customer Success 8/29
Erikka Galvez Customer Success 9/11
Kimber Butler Customer Success 9/20
Kathy Diaz Customer Success 10/17
Chuck Lipari Customer Success 12/4
Brinley Brown Customer Success 12/26
Executive Team
Name Title Birthday
Dave Smith Senior Officer of Product Development 3/3
Kody Bateman CVO & Founder 4/27
Jodi Bateman Co-Founder 6/21
Name Title Birthday
Richard Lyver Facilities Manager 5/27
Name Title Birthday
Matt Ollerton Fulfillment 5/1
Natalie Taylor Fulfillment Manager 7/25
Carlos Slayden Fulfillment Operator 7/25
Dan Tomarchio Fulfillment 12/2
Name Title Birthday
Makayla Maynard Gifting Specialist 4/19
Ashley Gladhart Gifting Manager 9/12
Whitney Jensen Director of Gifting / Brand Manager 11/4
Name Title Birthday
Sawyer Bateman Director of Technology 2/19
Kyle Parker ITS 3/3
James Bowker Site Reliability Engineer 6/24
Nick Weaver ITS 7/15
Kaycie Goodman ITS 7/7
Emerald Moon Project Manager of ITS 8/16
Kolton Thompson ITS 12/17
Name Title Birthday
Rebecca Chapple Graphic Designer / Photographer 2/20
Heather Harris Senior Designer 6/15
Bo Bateman Videographer 10/30
Sami Shupe Digital Communication Specialist 11/12
Brooke Adams Director of Marketing 11/27
Tina Painter Recognition / Marketing Specialist 11/28
Product Development
Name Title Birthday
Ryan Tranmer Creative Director 11/3
Name Title Birthday
Robert Smith Director of Operations 2/22
Mike Dale Production Operator 9/20
James Henwood Production Lead 9/30
Carter Phillips IGen Printer 11/16

SendOutCards(r) helps you act on your promptings and reach out in kindness to others with tangible greeting cards and gifts. You can choose from one of our many card designs or build your own card, then personalize it with you own pictures, messages, handwriting font and signature. Choose a card type from postcard, 2-panel card, flat card, 3-panel card, or an 8x10 big card then select a paper type to complete. You can also choose a gift from our gift store options including delicious gourmet foods, gift cards, keepsakes, seasonal gifts, and much more. SendOutCards will print your card, stuff it in an envelope, address it, and send it out. Send a single heartfelt card, a group or bulk send, or even schedule a card on a specific date. Send or schedule a card in less than a minute using our premier card editor and contact manager, we do the rest. Stand out and stay top of mind personally or professionally.

Send a card today at:

For questions or support, please email or call us at 801-463-3800