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1825 West Research Way

Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Make sure to select the country "SendOutCards" to avoid postage fees when sending cards through the SendOutCards system.

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Kody Bateman

Chief Visionary Officer & Co-Founder

Jodi Bateman


Gregg Bryars

Chief Executive Officer


Name Title Birthday
Glen Bogue VP of Compliance 3/2
Mike Nielson Accounting Manager 5/16
Ashley Wilkins Account Reconciliation 7/3
Chris Forsgren Accounting 8/31
Pam Nagel Accounting A/P 9/11
Cindy Turgeon Accounting 11/2
Customer Support
Name Title Birthday
Walter McFashion Customer Support Manager 1/2
Braden Wooldridge Customer Support Rep 1/20
Danielle Heilman-Myers Customer Support Rep 2/9
Sam Rowan Customer Support Rep 2/25
Sandra Barrus Customer Support Team SupvĀ  3/5
Wendy Bates Customer Support Rep 3/11
Sebastian Vanharten Customer Support Rep 3/31
Laura Johnson Customer Support Rep 4/11
Misty Christensen Customer Support Rep 4/14
John Nielson Customer Support Rep 6/3
Hector Cardenas Customer Support Rep 6/12
Jennifer Ollerton Customer Support Rep 7/6
Natasha McClurg Customer Support Rep 8/12
Erikka Galvez Customer Support Rep 9/11
Kimber Butler Customer Support Rep 9/20
Kathy Diaz Customer Support Team Supv 10/17
Chuck Lipari Customer Support QA Specialist 12/4
Josh Hatch Customer Support Rep 12/30
Executive Team
Name Title Birthday
Kody Bateman CVO & Co-Founder 4/27
Jodi Bateman Co-Founder 6/21
Gregg Bryars CEO 7/2
Emerald Moon Executive Assistant 8/16
Jannette Roach VP of Human Resources 11/26
Name Title Birthday
Richard Lyver Facilities Manager 5/27
Patricia McNally Receptionist 5/28
Braden Clark Facilities 10/1
Name Title Birthday
Makayla Maynard Fulfillment 4/19
Ian O'Connor FulfillmentĀ  6/5
Natalie Kroff Fulfillment Supervisor 7/25
Tayea Walker Fulfillment 8/19
Dan Tomarchio Fulfillment 12/2
Name Title Birthday
Julie Jackson G/C Fulfillment Lead 8/17
Elden Stuart Gifting Manager 9/14
Name Title Birthday
Wade Wilkey Software Engineer 1/12
Brad Hilton Sr. Software Engineer 1/25
Nate McNeil Software Engineer 2/15
Sawyer Bateman Software Engineer 2/19
Colin Salomons VP of ITS 4/28
Jared Peterson Software Engineer 5/12
Kyle Armstrong Software Engineer 7/5
Calvin Morrow Sr. Systems Engineer 7/12
Paul Warhurst QA Engineer 11/4
Name Title Birthday
Byron Fields R & D Specialist 5/27
Heather Harris Marketing Designer 6/15
Bo Bateman Marketing Video Producer 10/30
Ryan Tranmer In-House Design 11/3
Whitney Jensen Brand Mgr/Event Producer 11/4
Sami Shupe Marketing Specialist 11/12
Brooke Adams Marketing Manager 11/27
Tina Painter Incentives & Recognition Coordinator 11/28
Name Title Birthday
Robert Smith Production Manager 2/22
Jorge Bernal Production Printer 4/15
Mike Dale Production 9/20
James Henworth Production 9/30