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Welcome to the SOC Updates page where you can stay up-to-date with the latest announcements from our recent SOC Update emails. These emails are sent out weekly on Mondays (occasionally more often), to help us keep our Referral Partners in the field up-to-date with everything from new products to fun information. You can also receive the SOC Updates to your inbox by opting in to our email list HERE.

It's almost time for our next SOC Weekly with our hosts Kody Bateman and Gregg Bryars. We will be hosting a Facebook LIVE presentation in the Official SendOutCards Group, with our special Canadian guests! Kody and Gregg will be joined by dynamic leaders, Eagle Melissa Calway-Barlock, and Senior Executive Heba Ahmed Malki to discuss the upcoming Promptings Academy in Toronto. You do not want to miss a moment of this presentation. Watch the replay in the Official SendOutCards Group.

Have you shared your goal of reaching VIP at the 2019 The One Thing Convention with your social media followers?! By sharing this image, you are letting others know that you are working toward completing a goal and that action alone often leads to prospects asking YOU the questions. Download this image and share to your feeds and see what happens! Add your personal reasons for why you want to achieve VIP Status, and you are sure to receive a few messages to your inbox. There are only a few weeks left - don't hold back and do whatever it takes to conquer this challenge!

We are heading northeast - to Toronto, Canada, for our next Promptings Academy! Join keynote speaker, Kody Bateman, for an event that will take you on a journey of self discovery to become the best version of yourself possible. Kody has the innate ability of guiding you to find your genius within, to allow you to share the best parts of yourself with the world. If you are feeling like you need a boost in your personal or professional life, attend this event to change your future.

We are a company who puts value on the family unit and the importance your family is to achieving your own success. To help with that, we invite you to bring your children to our 2019 The One Thing Convention! Kids 17 and under can attend the event at no extra cost.

We also invite all minors attending the event to join us at our Closing Party! Minor children (ages 10-17) require a paid ticket so that they can attend the event with you. Simply purchase them a ticket for $50 and they can share in the experience with you! Purchase your tickets today.

We have updated our email preference options for users! Simply login to your SendOutCards account, and click on the Account option in the left menu bar. Once there, you will see the section titled Email Preferences. Here, you can opt-in and out of our emails, such as our corporate communications (SOCUpdates, Greetings! Newsletters), reminders, and card processing notifications. Use the pink toggle to turn the options on/off, based on the level of communication you are comfortable with. 

We challenge you to get out into nature and see how much you can bloom! One of the most restorative things we can do to guard our physical and mental health is to spend time in the fresh air. When you do, your imagination ignites and the wondrous beauty all around takes control of your senses. Take a chance, one small change in your everyday routine could change your future.

Please be aware of our modified hours of operation, due to the US Memorial Day holiday. Our Staff will not be available during the holiday weekend, May 25-27th. Let your team members know of our temporary closure to ensure they know of our schedule to not interrupt their sending. We will return to normal business hours on May 28th. We sincerely appreciated your cooperation and understanding!

Download our newest social media Affiliate ads, available through the Official SendOutCards Group. There are 5 separate options for the month of June, so choose what best fits your style and show your followers how much you can help them connect with others.