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The SOC Pro App is an application that helps Affiliates start and build their SendOutCards business. It’s an easy-to-use app filled with resources that will help you launch and grow your business. It has everything from tutorials and training videos to social images and ads to company policy and reference documents and everything else in between.

Within the app, Affiliates can also check on their commissions and bonuses, send out pre-written prospecting messages, learn about SendOutCards events, share SendOutCards with others and start taking actionable steps towards hitting goals and earning awards.

The SOC Pro App is available for download in the App Store or in Google Play. Once downloaded, login to the app using your Revolution Office login. Once logged in to the SOC Pro App, Affiliates will also want to connect their SOC Pro App features to their personal Revolution Office to ensure that all content shared through the SOC Pro App is appropriately linked back to them.

Phone App

The SOC Pro Phone App houses everything an Affiliate needs to build their business. Here are just a few of the available items included in the app:

Tools: find all the essentials! A Send Card button makes sending a card easily available. After you have used the app, you can set your ‘Favorites’ and personalize your page within the app with the tools you use most. This includes Event links for easy sharing!

Learn: Watch and learn as you are taught how to get started and how to continue building your SendOutCards business.

Business Links: quick access to your Affiliate specific sharing links.

There are helpful videos, direct links to Kody’s podcast, and much more. Download your app to check it out!


You can access a variety of extra features, available in the SOC Pro Desktop. Sign-in, with the same credentials as your SOC Pro App and have organization tools right at your fingertips. Check out these features:

Activity Feed: View all your notifications, set reminders, and see the latest corporate news.

Instant notifications: Receive notifications when prospects view tools you share so you can follow up.

Prospecting: Sync contacts and build a list of hot and cold prospects the fun way by simply swiping.

The desktop version includes email features to help you connect through your prospects inbox.

FAQs about the SOC Pro App

If I have an issue with my SOC Pro App, who do I contact?

Contact the SendOutCards Customer Success team at (801) 463-3800 or report a problem through the SOC Pro App by going to My Profile > Settings > Support.

Is the SOC Pro App for Customers and Affiliates?

The SOC Pro App is a tool for Affiliates only.

What's the difference between SOC Pro App and AppreciationPAL?

While AppreciationPal provided resources that Affiliates could share to bring in more customers, the SOC Pro App is a comprehensive center that houses everything Affiliates need to start and build their businesses.

Not seeing what you are looking for? Please contact our Customer Success Team at If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the app, please contact our Customer Success Team at 801-463-3800 or by clicking on the pink 'Help ?' found within your account, once logged in.