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Relationship Month2019

Welcome to SendOutCards first annual Relationship Month! Designed to help you start the new year by focusing with intention on your relationships. We will provide you with ideas for creating new relationships, ways to reach out to your current network, and more!

Use this calendar for daily prompts to begin making relationship building a new habit in your life. There is no better time of year to learn how to start appreciating those around you on a daily basis.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we will be sharing information and helpful videos from top leaders on how to enhance the relationships in your life, in many different ways.

Week 1 - Creating New Acquaintances

Creating new relationships can be difficult as we get older. Learning how to break out of your comfort zone is easier said than done, so we have created some tips to help you out. In this video, Phebe Trotman will teach you different ways to open up to new people in 2019.

Week 2 - Strengthen Acquaintances to Relationships

Last week, we discussed how you can open up and meet new people. But what happens after you met someone new, how do you further your connection? Watch as Dave & Lori Smith explain how to strengthen acquaintances into new relationships by reaching out in kindness with a genuine heart.

Week 3 - Celebrate the Relationships in Your Life

In this week's Relationship Month video, Jordan Adler will discuss different ways that you can celebrate the relationships in your life. Whether a goal has been achieved or a momentous occasion needs to be recognized, be the person who celebrates all of life's moments with those you care about. Be the cheerleader, the person who notices all of the good in others and shouts it from the rooftops.

Week 4 - Appreciate the People Who Mean the Most

It is week four in our Relationship Month and today we have the privilege of hearing from Melissa Barlock! In this week's episode, Melissa details out how to appreciate the people who mean the most in your life. Personalize your messages and use your own photos to maximize the impact of an unexpected, heartfelt card.

Week 5 - Try the Daily Calendar Challenge

We are at the conclusion of our first annual Relationship Month and we have a special message for you, from our Co-Founder and CVO, Kody Bateman. Watch as he recaps the incredible activity we have seen from everyone who has participated in enhancing their relationships this past month. If you didn't get the chance to join in, follow Kody's instructions and begin when it works for you!