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Relationship Marketing GRAND Summit Virtual Event

Kody Bateman is excited to share his inspiring message and best practices for maintaining your most important customer retention at his unforgettable Relationship Marketing Grand Summit virtual event. Kody’s incredible message will inspire you to become your best self, teach you essential business development skills, and help you change the world through human connection.

This two-day course will impress the importance of relationship marketing in any profession. How you pitch yourself and your product will leave a lasting mark on your prospects.

Relationship Marketing Podcast with Kody B

Creating bonds, trust and assurance is an art. It is something that takes practice, consistency and the true understanding of people and emotion. When you take the time to build relationships, the typical aspects of marketing become simplified and genuine. You are creating an emotional one-on-one connection and a memorable experience. It becomes less about the sale and more about the satisfaction that comes from building relationships. That is where the real life riches are made, internally and externally.

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