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At SendOutCards, “we are a stand on your feet and cheer each other on kind of people” as Kody says. Today we are most definitely on our feet and sending a special congratulations to all who rank advanced this month! Enjoy the above video and remember to send cards to congratulate these SendOutCards family members.

Rank Advancements for December 2020

Congratulations to those that have recently advanced in rank!

Senior Manager
Eric Dobbie Dan and Gay Barker Laurie Ash
KT Matthews Beth Hilbert Dena Petty
Ernie & Sheryl Shown
Angela Kreps Beth Galano Nere Rivas
Tammy Baines Cara Tobias CLC MGMT LLC
Robin Lehmann Michael Hargrove Berglioth Avila
Larry Bauer Cindy Schroeder Matthew Young
Lynn and Rick Lelchuk Dani Burckhardt Maryann Kepreos
Barbara Baldwin Cora Cook Pam & Tom Monson
Gina Fisicaro Lisa Ruef Betty Lou Faa
Denise van den Bossche David Clegg Dot Kirkup
Lorraine Powell Kenneth Varney Jordan Savage
Tammy Namihira Miriam Gibbons Gloria Fontaine
Ronalyn Wentz Leon Golden Tony Marrese
Peg Duchesne Georges Dry Cleaning Steve Lacy
Molly Frenia Terry Lancaster Lynley Welte