Holiday Checklist2019 Season

'Tis the season for connecting with friends and loved ones, near and far. SendOutCards provides you a one-stop, user-friendly system to send out your holiday cards and gifts. Follow this holiday sending checklist to ease at least one of your stresses this holiday season!

Recommended Send Dates

During the holiday season we recommend placing your order on or before the following dates to ensure delivery in time for December 25th. For additional International recommended shipping deadlines, please visit the USPS website.

USA and Puerto Rico

December 15th

Ground Mail, Envelope Sized Gifts

Packages (Gifts) - Friday, December 13th


December 13th

Ground Mail, Envelope Sized Gifts

Packages (Gifts) - Wednesday, December 11th


December 7th

Ground, Priority Mail, First Class

Packages (Gifts) - Friday, November 22nd

Make Your List – Check it Twice!

Put together all the names and addresses for your 2019 Holiday Send List. Create a CSV file, and separate each column into First Name, Last Name, and so forth. In the final column of your spreadsheet, title it Group and use 2019 Holiday Card as the group name – then all of your contacts will be added to the same group and you can send to everyone with one click! For step-by-step instructions on importing contacts, click here.

Tip: You can upload a CSV file for mass uploading!

Choose Your Holiday Design

We have pre-built card designs, to share your perfect holiday messages and photos! Choose from various layouts and color variations to make each card unique. You can even upgrade your paper type to give your cards a high-end finish. Click here to browse our wide selection of holiday cards!

Tip: Choose the Satin or Pearl paper type and your card is sure to stand out.

Personalized Handwriting Font & Signatures

Before DECEMBER 1st

For only $49 you can send in your font and signatures – so the message in your card is in YOUR handwriting! Your handwriting/signatures need to be submitted before December 1st if you would like to use them in your holiday card sending. This will allow sufficient time for your handwriting/signatures to be uploaded to your account before December 15th (the recommended mail date for all holiday cards).

Personalized handwriting fonts and signatures can be purchased from the Campaign Store. After completing your purchase, download the Handwriting Font Form with Instructions. Follow all of the instructions on the form, send it in before December 1st, and you will add an extra element of personalization to your cards.

Tip: You MUST purchase and submit your font form before December 1st to take advantage of this option.

Add a Photo & Gift

There are three ways you can add a photo to your card to add another layer of personalization – Photo Drop Cards, inside panel photo layouts, and the back panel. Using photos helps the recipient put a name to the face of the sender and of course, photo cards are some of the funnest to receive!

You can also use this opportunity to add a holiday themed gift to your card – we have an array of gifts perfectly crafted to share a bit of the season with your recipients. Visit our Gift Store and check them out.

Tip: Add more than 1! Use a Photo Drop Card and include a photo or design on the back panel. The goal is to make your card as memorable as possible.

Push Send!

When your list is complete and your card is perfect, make sure to hit the SEND button! Once you hit send, the printing, inserting, stamping and sending of your cards will begin – it’s that simple! As an added BONUS, those on our paid subscriptions have the choice of choosing the date in which your cards are sent. This means, you can get your holiday cards done now, and choose a later date for them to be sent. You can set it and forget it!

Tip: Hit SEND before December 15th for cards to reach their destination before the holiday!

Holiday Support

IMPORTANT: Due to the high volume of traffic on the SendOutCards website during the holiday season, you may experience slight delays in the speed of the website. This is why creating and sending your holiday cards early is ideal.

SendOutCards Customer Success Team is excited to help you during this busy holiday season. Final holiday support schedule will be announced soon.

Please contact our Customer Success Team by phone (801-463-3800), by email, or by message (link found in the help button of the SendOutCards website). Response times may be delayed during the holiday season.

Share this holiday checklist along with your holiday cheer, cards and gifts with your friends, family and fellow SendOutCards users. Make this special season worry-free by scheduling your cards and gifts early - we will do the rest!