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The Heart of SendOutCards

SendOutCards is more than a business solution - we are on a mission to change the world. Through heartfelt messages and stories about real connections, we show the heart of SendOutCards. We will be sharing meaningful stories through video, some directly experienced by our users and some we have heard about from all around the world, to show what can happen when you share your heart with others.

Seeing someone who is passionate about a cause they care about online, sharing their story, can cause a ripple effect never thought possible. In this Heart of SendOutCards, we share an incredible story about a special young man who decided he was going to change the world by showing kindness to animals and how those actions caused a community to come together.

In this month’s edition of The Heart of SendOutCards, we are sharing a story about the magic that happens when you send unexpected messages of kindness to very grateful recipients. When you send kindness out to the world, the world starts to give you kindness back. You can only experience the incredible effects of reciprocity if you take action first. Be the person that takes action because what you appreciate, appreciates.

You can show kindness at any age, anywhere. Share kindness to everyone you encounter, you may just find how impactful your heart is by changing someone's day. When you show compassion by giving your heart to others, you will find you gain more by giving than you ever did by receiving.

Check out our first video, The Strength to Change, to see a story about the power of forgiveness and redemption and what can happen when you reach out in kindness and take a chance to re-kindle a relationship you thought you'd lost. It's never too late... the only thing that really matters is LOVE.

SendOutCards Mini Series

When is the last time you took photos, for a reason other than posting on social media? Photographs are tangible time machines that can be used to transport us to different times and experiences. Capture moments that leave in an instant but remain in your heart forever and share them with those you care about.

Don't let your own limiting beliefs stop you from reaching for your goals. Don't let the opinions of others stop you from living the life you dream about. You only get one chance at this life - live it to the fullest! Only YOU can push yourself to create the habits needed to live a life you will love.

We challenge you to get out into nature and see how much you can bloom! One of the most restorative things we can do to guard our physical and mental health is to spend time in the fresh air. When you do, your imagination ignites and the wondrous beauty all around takes control of your senses. Take a chance, one small change in your everyday routine could change your future.

The relationships you have with the members of your community can help improve your quality of life. Spend some time reaching out, helping out - to put it simply, just get OUT! Get out into your community and offer your skills to help others. You never know who you will meet and how needed you truly are.

To those who clean our scrapes, hug us with encouragement, and believe in us when no one else does, we honor you. Motherhood is one of the most beautiful callings one can have in life and we celebrate the million little things that add up to make a hero - also known as MOM.

How often do we see others for who they are - who they TRULY are? Is it because they don't show us that side of themselves or is it because we aren't looking hard enough? Each person on this planet has an inner light to share with the world and actively focusing our efforts to recognize that in others leads you to have more meaningful relationships. We challenge you to find your light and shine it as bright as possible!

Many of us think that once we reach certain seasons of our lives that we should stop doing things we used to love or that we should simply not try new things because the time passed us by. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you just tried it out? Take some time to think about an activity you would like to try, and DO IT. Let your nerves be the force that propels you toward stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new. You never know what positive outcomes you could experience if you never try.

Having a team to encourage and support you is one of the many benefits of joining SendOutCards. You have an instant community built-in the moment you join and attending events with those like-minded people raises you to new heights you never thought imaginable. You are set up for success when you follow great leaders and learn from their knowledge. Attend our 2019 The One Thing Annual Convention to fully understand the importance of learning from the best while surrounded by kindness. It's life-changing.

After you have made the decision to change your life, how do you keep yourself accountable? One of the best ways to focus on your goals is to attend events with helpful training and like minded, goal oriented people, to help you stay on track. Check out this weeks SendOutCards Mini Series - The Power of Events to understand why you should experience attending LIVE events.

Have you ever walked in a group of people and felt completely alone? Many of us have, but the important thing to remember is that we can change this feeling of loneliness by sharing kindness with others. Light the world with your positivity and share this message as far and wide as possible: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

In this edition of our SendOutCards Mini Series, we focus on what an impact lasting memories have in our lives. When we immortalize these experiences by creating tangible, memory keepsakes we provide glimpses into our lives in ways you could never believe. Memories keep us tied to where we come from and feelings felt during those moments help lead us to where we are going.

When we are passionate about something, we end up giving our all and jumping head first into whatever it is. Creating a life around what you are passionate about allows motivation and dedication to be built into your daily activities. Are you living a life that allows you to celebrate the passions in your life?

We received such an amazing reaction to our first Heart of SendOutCards monthly video series that we decided to create a series of weekly short videos, as the perfect companion to continue your sharing on social media. The SendOutCards Mini Series will highlight different aspects of everyday life that SendOutCards can help you become better at. Check out our first video in this mini series - Caring.