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Fair Use Policy

SendOutCards Fair Use Policy Information

Our mission at SendOutCards is to act on your promptings and reach out in kindness to others. The best subscription to do just that are any of our Unlimited subscriptions. These subscriptions provide you with Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Cards, up to 25 per day, to send to anyone who may come to you in a prompting.

Our Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Cards are defined as individual card containing a unique personalized message (no copy and pasting the same message and/or card repeatedly), sent to one single recipient, one time with an immediate send date. The front of a card may be used from a previous card design saved as a My Custom Card in the SendOutCards system though the message needs to be personalized and unique for each individual the card is being sent to. Utilizing the same message for multiple cards and only changing the name or one or two words, does not make the card message unique. Because of the nature of the Heartfelt Prompting Card, there is a maximum of 25 cards per day. You may add a gift to this card and it will still be considered a Heartfelt Prompting Card.

Below are some examples of Heartfelt Cards:

Should you choose to address the card to one or ten more people, schedule a card for a later date, change only the name or minor content on the card, this would no longer be considered a Heartfelt Prompting Card. Therefore, the card type will change to a System Card and depending on your subscription type, a charge could be incurred for the cards.

Below are some examples of System Cards:

For further details on the Fair Use Policy, please click here.