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Joe & Ananda Peters

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Hi. Thank you for visiting our SendOutCards referral site. Click on "Send Card" and you will be able to try out the service and give it a test drive. We are available to share with you how to use SendOutCards in simple and unique ways that would be beneficial to you. It would be our honor to visit with you about your interest in SendOutCards. Discover how to easily send appreciation to your family, friends, church connections, clients, and business relationships right from your phone or computer. Keep in personal touch on a regular basis with your loved ones and those most important to you--enriching your relationships and increasing your referral and repeat business dramatically as a business owner, salesperson, organizational leader, manager or professional in any field. We will share how SendOutCards can help you build stronger relationships in multiple ways. And, if you are interested in looking at SendOutCards as a referral partner to earn residual income, we can assist you with that too. We will help you move forward into an unlimited marketplace where our cutting edge card and gift sending technology and service are in great demand. Our new and recently released updated app will transform how everyone sends cards and gifts. To receive an immediate response from us, call or text this number: 308.360.1049 (Joe's phone) or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Joe & Ananda Peters, The Card Team.