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Michael and Vicki Stammer
Marketing Distributor

If you would like to GET PAID FOR BEING NICE, then you are in the right place. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Our first introduction to SendOutCards was as a tool to improve our connection with business consulting clients. Soon, they were asking how we were able to make the nifty cards we were sending them. One thing led to another and soon we found ourselves leading a team of distributors who wanted both the tool and the income we were enjoying. It's a great product, a solid company, and a pretty darn good pay plan. --------------------------------------------------------------------- HERE'S WHAT TO DO NEXT: copy this url => new.sendoutcards.com/10587 <= and paste it into your browser. That will take you to a page where you can send a couple of free cards, watch some cool videos, and even get an account. If you want to talk more about how we work with people who want to MAKE MONEY with this product, give us a call or text at (214) 202-3751. We look forward to hearing from you. (Of course you can use the contact form, but why not BE BOLD! CALL US!)

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