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Michael and Vicki Stammer

Marketing Distributor

One day in 2008 Michael Stammer was in a meeting with a business associate explaining his successful business as a sales coach and trainer. As an aside Michael mentioned this card sending business he had going on the side. The man stopped him short and commented, "You know Mike, it sounds like you are really good at what you do as a coach and how you do it but you know, you really lit up when you started talking about that card business." Despite being the top salesman in a national company and a successful sales coach and trainer, Michael realized that he was really just a glorified hourly worker. If he stopped showing up, so did the checks. "Once I had to take off several months to deal with some pressing family estate issues," says Michael. "Despite not being able to work on my SendOutCards business the checks from it just kept on coming. That's when I realized the meaning of residual income. I was getting paid for what I had STARTED even if I couldn't be there managing it right now. That never happened in my coaching business or in my sales career!" Michael had a meeting with his wife and business partner Vicki and they agreed that the best used of Michael's talents as a coach was in helping others achieve the kind of financial freedom that they were building for themselves. The Stammers are Executive Distributors in SendOutCards and they love working with all of their customers and distributors to bring the message of changing lives by acting on promptings (an impulse to do an act of kindness) to people around the world and for using the SendOutCards vehicle to create financial freedom.