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Maria P Peres

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I have always loved cards; I have personally made cards, sent them and I love receiving cards. During the day, I often think of my friends and others, who have in some way touched me. It may be their birthday, their anniversary or just another day when I think about them. I feel prompted to send them a card, however with my busy lifestyle, that prompting is often forgotten. I tell myself, "I need to make a card or at least buy a card, but another day, another week, another month and even another year; and I have still not sent the card. I have every good intention but intention is often not enough. A friend has now introduced me to SENDOUTCARDS. I am back to sending cards - birthdays, anniversaries, when someone is sick, or having a hard time, to congratulate, on special occasions or just to tell someone I am thinking of them or that they are special or have done a great job, or a thank you - the list is endless... I'm excited and it feels good to bring some joy into someone's life. And I can act on my prompting, wherever I am. I can send cards that are received in the post in a few minutes from my mobile. And so I cannot but help share this... Come and visit and see for yourself. Send a free card from my website. ENJOY and have fun Lotsa Love Maria