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Mitch and Jilles Paquette

Marketing Distributor

"No Excuses" is the mantra for Mitch and Jilles Paquette, from Brampton, Ontario. And there's no one you'd expect to have more excuses than this couple. With four kids, a grandson, pets, and jobs, how do they do it? When you understand the freedom SendOutCards can provide with commitment and focus, there's no room for excuses. Combine that philosophy with Jilles' 12 years in sales and Mitch's 20-year corporate run in positions from customer support to business development, and you've got a winning combination. While they've achieved VIP status in company challenges, served in Canada's top 10 advisory group, and were winners of the prestigious Magic Award in 2014 (nominated by their peers for leadership and team building), they are really just getting started. What they love most about their business is the freedom it has already provided ... building from the open road on their Motorcycle while they enjoy their passion for travel in their RV.