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Michael Saturday

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Hi, My name is Mike Saturday. I reside in Western Maryland (Garrett County). I came here in 1974 to play college basketball and to get an education. That was the order of my priorities at the time. Fortunately I had enough intelligence to complete my college education with a degree in physical education. Thank goodness for my degree because after college, like the NCAA says in their advertisement, I went on to be a professional is something other than basketball. So after graduation, I was fortunate to land a teaching job in central West Virginia. Over the years I have taught in both West Virginia and Maryland. Over the years I have coached both high school and college basketball. I love coaching and watching people develop their skills to be winners. I continued my college education and received a master’s degree in Education Administration and Supervision. Since 1993 I have served as a school principal in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I have also been in both elementary and high schools. I love both groups but most recently I took on an elementary principalship. I love working with kids and watching them mature and grow. To me, it's a mission field. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion to own my own business. I think that actually came when we had our first child, and then the second. Like many, I have had businesses that have succeeded and businesses that have not done so well. I have never had a business that has failed, just a couple that faded into the sunset. My first taste of Network Marketing came about in 1984. This was my first introduction and it came from a very close friend. He was new and I was new and our upline gave no support. I did what I could do; tried learning the system on my own. I made some money but not what I figured the potential to be. This is one of those businesses that faded into the sunset. The second Network Marketing company I became involved with was embezzled by the CEO and so much for that. I made some pretty good money but when the company closes its doors, it closes its door! I somewhat laid low for several years until late summer of 2012 when a friend approached me about another opportunity in Network Marketing. I loved what I saw and here I am. My greatest passion has been to help others develop and succeed in their own business. This comes from my coaching and teaching background. I have learned what works and what doesn’t work. When you find what works, become a master at it. I will tell my team what doesn’t work and show them what does work. I have been married to the same wonderful lady since 1976 (Fayann) and we have two wonderful children. Above all else, (and I save the best for last) I am a Born Again Christian. I make every effort to honor the Savior of my life daily. I hope that all I do is pleasing to Him. I serve as the pastor of a small country church.