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Kathryn Asaro

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My Story is about staying in touch with my family, friends and business associates. I became a Referral Partner with Send Out Cards from the very first day-September 16, 2009 and have been using this business model to build relationships new, old and rock solid, we are attracting our residual income through kindness. You can do it too. Send Out Cards is how we invest in for our family's future. We enjoy every aspects of building relationships, international teams and we have been rewarded for doing what we love to do...we share Gratitude with others, help them build relationships that last along with creating residual income. Executive 2018, VIP 2018, SOC National Convention 2013 "Gratitude" Award Winner , VIP Member 2012, 2013 & 2014, 2013 7/30 Q Member, 2014 Canadian Top Ten. Send Out Cards is Appreciation you can touch! Ask me how you can become a part of TEAM GRATITUDE it's simple! Part of the proceeds of this website are donated to The McAbe Avenue Foundation. Kody Bateman Founder and CEO