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Nancy Green

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I joined SendOutCards for a quick and easy way to send my Christmas Cards. (I hated the drudgery of sending so many cards...having to sign each card, address each envelope, add a stamp to each, then mailing them. It took far TOO MUCH time!) Once I saw SendOutCards, I knew it was for me! I sent in my handwriting and signature immediately then created my Christmas card. Since SendOutCards is compatible with Excel, I was able to upload my contacts and send over 200 cards in minutes. Because I sent in my handwriting and signature in advance, I chose to use my own on those 200 cards!!! Then I sat back and SendOutCards did the rest. They printed, folded, stuffed them in the envelopes, addressed the envelopes, put stamps on each and mailed them for me! Sweeeet!! It's Easy...I LOVE IT!