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Greg n Mihaela King

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We're Greg n Mihaela and LOVE what SendOutCards is allowing us to accomplish in our lives! What a fantastic opportunity! Making a living by being nice to people! We started sending cards with friend's pictures from Facebook and the reaction we got was UNBELIEVABLE. People have tears when they see the personalized cards we send them. They can't believe it! It's truly unbelievable, and now we can do it all from our smartphone as well as from our computer. People show their card to friends coming over the house and put them on the front of their fridge and show them off, then ask us how they can do that! What really blows their mind is when we attach brownies or a gift card. The gifts are really first class and very high quality! We are reaching out to professionals like Realtors, or Financial Advisors showing them how to use the system for their business. I usually look them up on Facebook or their website, send them a card with their picture, and then follow up. Look at how one Realtor uses it This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and so fun and rewarding! Funnest and most profitable business we've been in EVER! Friends and family love it and you'll never feel bad about sharing THIS opportunity with anyone! Come Join Us! Call and leave a message and I WILL return your call Greg 406-461-2519