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Jim Skirvin

Marketing Distributor

Hi ... my name is Jim Skirvin. I retired from equipment leasing and job coaching individuals with disabilities. I now choose to work from ... "My Home Office." I enjoy just working from my laptop, meeting new people and visiting my ... "Mailbox Office" ... once a day! After living in Ohio all our lives, my first wife, Vicky, and I moved to Nashville, TN in August 2009 to live with our son, Nathan. (Vicky died from breast cancer February 2010) Although I have made new friends in Tennessee, Send Out Cards lets me keep in touch with friends and relatives still back in Ohio and elsewhere. They are busy … and I am busy … but even though we may not talk for months, Send Out Cards gives me the ability to tell them that I care about them and that they have been an important part of my life. One of my greatest pleasures is when I follow up to make sure they received their picture card … and they say, “Yes, we got your card. It’s on our refrigerator!” Are the important people in your life … putting your cards on their refrigerator? ......... Literally, I have found Send Out Cards to be the BEST, most AFFORDABLE Relationship & Appreciation Marketing tool on the planet. I encourage YOU to try Send Out Cards by sending a FREE card. Please visit 1) Click on "Send a Card" ... and send someone you care about a card ... "It's a free card ... ON ME - POSTAGE TOO !" Please accept my invitation to join us in the Send Out Cards Crusade and Touch Others' Lives. Make a Difference and Be a Blessing to Someone Today! Blessings to y’all ... Jim and Steffi Skirvin ........... P. S. On Feb-26-2017, Steffi (my second wife) and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary ... but we are still dating ... and "YES" ... I do send her cards !!!