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Gaia Hart

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As your Executive Coach, I help you achieve greatness through gratitude & revitalize your work, wealth & life by sending out positives that come back to you exponentially. I show you how to grow your network & net worth through REALationship Marketing with our unique relationship system, because appreciation always wins over self promotion every single time. We inspire people to connect & come together all over the world with our relationship system. My goal is to provide tools that allow you to act on your promptings, grow your business, stay connected & even earn some income if you want to. We show people how to be nice to each other through the tangible touch of a card or gift. We're the Netflix of the greeting card industry saving you time, energy & money to simplify your follow-up, attract new clients, keep your old ones & stay in touch with friends, family & customers. It's your choice on how you use our simple system; connecting through cards as a customer or earning income. Contact me to easily start sending cards, gifts & gift cards right now at or