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Welcome to SendOutCards

We are Creating a Revolution of Kindness

  • Creating a Revolution of Kindness

    We are creating a revolution of kindness that allows people to walk through the door of their own destiny.

  • Think Big, Dream Big!

    If you can think it, you can believe it, and then you can achieve it! The time to create abundance is now.

  • Celebrate the Genius Within

    We celebrate the genius within by sharing gratitude. We are creating a global gathering of positive, happy people.

It’s Convenient

There is no need to drive to the store, wait in lines, look for addresses and then drive to the post office for a stamp. With our convenient system you can send a card from your mobile device in less than a minute!

You Won’t Forget

Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions in our easy-to-use contact management system. We keep your addresses securely stored, and even send you reminders when it’s time to send a card.

You’ll Save Money

We print, stuff, stamp and mail your personalized greeting cards to any address in the world, all for less than the average price of a greeting card at the store. Plus, our gift selection is icing on the cake as it allows you to go the extra mile with a thoughtful touch.

SendOutCards - There's an app for that!

Always on the go? With SendOutCards you can send cards and gifts to loved ones on the go! With our iOS app you can send in style.

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Don't have an iPhone? No problem.

Send cards from any mobile device!

We make card sending effortless, and incredibly fun! Our mobile web editor is built with the latest technology, which allows you to send cards and gifts from any mobile device. It literally takes seconds!

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It's Our Time

  • We’re Making the Market Bigger

    Get paid to be nice to people and become part of the next billion-dollar household name with this unique card and gift sending technology.

  • Use Modern Technology to Reach Out in Kindness

    We’re reinventing the way you send cards and gifts, and anyone who shares this message can be a part of the revolution.

  • We Make it Easy

    SendOutCards makes card and gift sending convenient; we never let you forget a birthday or special occasion. Send unexpected appreciation and celebrate the lives of others.

Income Opportunity

  • How do I make money
    with SendOutCards?

    With SendOutCards you can get paid for being nice to people. Yes, it really is that simple! Our mission is to provide you with a vehicle for financial success, and our income opportunity provides you with exactly that. Watch this video to learn more about our simple system.

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