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Shane & Kandas Rodarte

Marketing Distributor

I have a friend who is a diligent card sender. She remembers every birthday and Christmas. Occasionally, I open my mail box to discover a card from her “just because.” She even sent a Mother’s Day card this year! Every time I receive a card from my friend I feel appreciated and loved. It is such a small gesture but means so very much! I want to be more like my friend. I want others to know how very much they are appreciated by me! That is why I am taking a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge to send one heart-felt greeting card each day. By day 8 I had already sent 39 cards. Honestly, I had no idea my list of people whom I am grateful for would be so long! But each day, the list gets longer. And as the list gets longer, I feel more blessed for having each of these people in my life. What a wonderful feeling! I think everyone should feel this good! If you’d like to add more blessings and wonder into your life, contact me and I’ll share more about the gratitude challenge with you.