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Beverly Goble

Marketing Distributor

December 2010 I was shown SendOutCards by my friend Julie, but I wasn't interest as I was with another company. In July 2011, my husband committed suicide, though he lingered 15 days. On my facebook page I asked for prayer and started getting cards from people I didn't know, most with a personal note. It got to where going to the mailbox was my one bright spot in my day. When my husband died, again I got cards from complete strangers. Those cards are what kept me going. So in September, I finally sat down to write my thank you's and realized I didn't want to send the one's I had gotten with the guest book. So I called my friend Julie and asked about that card thing but telling her I didn't think I would use it as a business, but wanted to send my thank you's. Having the SendOutCard family embrace me while at my lowest point made me want to find out more, so I attended an event and was hooked. Finding SendOutCards was the best thing that has happened in my life.