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Although Charles Minor is still relatively new to SendOutCards, he’s no newcomer to the profession of network marketing. Part of a group dating back to the Excel days, Charles and his son Scott have known SendOut- Cards’ top distributor, Jordan Adler, for nearly 15 years. In fact, Charles’ son Scott was the one who sent Jordan his first card through SendOutCards — but didn’t follow up. And the rest, as they say, is history. After joining SendOutCards recently, Charles hit the ground running in a way that is nothing short of amazing. Through hard work and dedication, Charles has built a team that most distributors would be proud to call their own.

But what makes this ordinary tale extraordinary is that Charles did it in, give or take, 45 days. What’s more, Charles is obviously a man of incredible ability and has been since his younger days, where he attended Texas A&M, graduating with an engineering and business degree in four years while also competing as a Division One student athlete. He learned many things during this time, most of which he found easily transferred over to the business world. “I believe in teams and working together,” Charles said. “I’ve always been a team player, whether at home, work, or playing basketball.” It goes without saying why those who are “team players” seem to not only do exceptionally well, but usually thrive, in a profession like network marketing.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with the Minors, they simply radiate kindness. Charles’ approach is simple: “To spread a little good in the negative world we live in.” He and his wife Joyce will celebrate their 52nd anniversary this June. They instilled these same values in their children. “We raised our children not allowing them to say, ‘I can’t,’” Charles said.

Charles’ success has inspired his son Scott to return to SendOutCards and actively build his business. Network marketing is now a family endeavor that’s three generations strong in the Minor household. Charles and Joyce’s grandson, Kody B.—yes, that’s really his name—and granddaughter Kelsey Mindemann have joined them as well.

Charles and Joyce simply love people, whether it’s their family, prospects, or even caring for the elderly in the assisted living homes they owned for the better part of a decade. When they talk about the accomplishments of their friends and family members, their sense of pride is palpable. A true Southern gentleman, though, Charles is as quick to praise the efforts of others as quickly as he dismisses any significance towards his own business. “One’s attitude determines success or failure in anything they do,” Charles said.