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Imran Mohamed Ali - Manager

Business success seems to follow Imran Mohamed Ali wherever he goes. A close friend of another top SendOutCards distributor, Don Shan, Imran couldn’t help but notice the success Don was seeing – simply because of the cards Don was sending. Imran was first struck by the effectiveness of the product, not the opportunity. But a smart guy like Imran will only leave money on the table for so long, and eventually, he signed on as a Marketing Distributor.

In addition to building a successful Send- OutCards business, Imran also runs an art gallery, and is a consultant for sports coaching, business, education, and book publishing. “I think the one thing that allowed me to do all this was learning how to automate the marketing and sales processes,” Imran said. Although working as a business coach didn’t directly translate over to his latest entrepreneurial pursuit, his experience building businesses brought with it, among other things, a large database of contacts he could introduce SendOutCards to.

“My work as a business coach means I have a group of people who trust and believe my recommendations,” Imran said. “So I sit with them and ask a few questions to determine if there’s a fit.” If his approach seems simple, that’s probably because it is. Although Imran is a firm believer in harnessing the power of automation, he applies this to run his businesses simultaneously and to reach out and show his appreciation for others. “I’ve even had cheaper renewals for my office space, all because I sent the person in charge of the office space a card and brownies,” Imran said. “I had already established a good relationship with her, but I felt like I was asking too much and giving nothing back – so I used SendOutCards to balance the relationship.” And this is just one of countless examples where you can see the power of the famous phrase, “You get back what you send out.”

After he got started and managed to create his own successful business, Imran had an “aha” moment, thinking, “Hey! I could help other people do this!” Despite the fact that he is based out of Singapore, Imran hasn’t let any challenge he’s faced slow the pace at which he’s building his business. In fact, he was even one of the February winners in the Win A Ben challenge. “The key to winning that challenge, I think, was getting myself in front of crowds,” he said. Together with his team, Imran was able to speak in front of 300 people, telling them how to use SendOutCards for their businesses. The stuff of nightmares for some, Imran actually prefers these “mass events” to traditional ways of recruiting. “One-to one-appointments are great,” he said. “But the game changer is the ability to get yourself in front of the masses.” Imran’s confidence is authentic, the type that comes from years of hard work and success.

“For someone like Imran to see value in SendOut- Cards speaks volumes about the service we offer,” said Don Shan, Imran’s sponsor. “I can see how Imran will not only generate referrals and a raving fan base, but I can also see the way in which he’ll start generating a significant residual income – by showing others how to send cards and gifts.” Since joining SendOutCards as an MD just a few months ago, Imran has witnessed firsthand the positive effects that come when you radiate kindness. “I’ve had people coming back to recommend clients to my art gallery – all because they received my cards!” he said. But that’s not all – he’s managed to build a team whose size would be impressive for most any distributor, let alone one as new to the opportunity as Imran. To be sure, Imran exemplifies the blessings and abundance that living with an “attitude of gratitude” can bring.