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Dean & Carolyn Gialamas - Senior Managers

SendOutCards has transformed millions of lives and relationships by making the act of sending a heartfelt card to another person simple. For those who would characterize themselves as lifelong card-senders, joining SendOutCards is usually a no-brainer. At least, that’s how Dean and Carolyn Gialamas describe feeling when they were first introduced to SendOutCards.

Imran Mohamed Ali - Manager

Business success seems to follow Imran Mohamed Ali wherever he goes. A close friend of another top SendOutCards distributor, Don Shan, Imran couldn’t help but notice the success Don was seeing – simply because of the cards Don was sending. Imran was first struck by the effectiveness of the product, not the opportunity. But a smart guy like Imran will only leave money on the table for so long, and eventually, he signed on as a Marketing Distributor.

Dhea Bartlett - Senior Manager

Initially, as with most, Dhea Bartlett was impressed with the SendOutCards product. But when she got to know more about the company itself, she was in, “hook, line, and sinker,” she said. “SendOut- Cards is all heart.” She came to SendOutCards from a direct-sales, party planning background, so she was familiar with the profession. “I was fully aware of the fact that if I did nothing—if I didn’t follow the process—I wouldn’t earn anything,” Dhea said. “However, what distinguishes me from some is that I don’t have a ‘get out of jail card.’”

Charles Minor - Senior Manager

Although Charles Minor is still relatively new to SendOutCards, he’s no newcomer to the profession of network marketing. Part of a group dating back to the Excel days, Charles and his son Scott have known SendOut- Cards’ top distributor, Jordan Adler, for nearly 15 years. In fact, Charles’ son Scott was the one who sent Jordan his first card through SendOutCards — but didn’t follow up. And the rest, as they say, is history. After joining SendOutCards recently, Charles hit the ground running in a way that is nothing short of amazing. Through hard work and dedication, Charles has built a team that most distributors would be proud to call their own.

Monica Turner - Senior Manager

A long-time friend, Luis Garcia, introduced Monica Turner to SendOutCards. A self-described card-sender, Monica was immediately drawn to the product SendOutCards had to offer as well as the opportunity. She saw tremendous potential for herself, both professionally and personally. “I noticed the positive effects SendOutCards has for everyone – users and distributors alike,” she said. “I’ve never had anyone tell me they didn’t like the card or gift I sent them.”

Ed & Nancy Euken

Like many, Ed and Nancy Euken were introduced to SendOutCards by Jordan Adler, the number one income-earner and an ambassador of the network marketing profession. Ed and Jordan met at a network marketing event where Jordan was a speaker. Inspired by Jordan’s speech, Ed asked to meet him. “After speaking with him for a few minutes, Nancy and I were both thinking, I could actually do this!” Ed remembers. They signed on as MDs right then and there; two days later, they were on a flight to Las Vegas to attend their first Treat‘em Right. “We were first drawn to SendOutCards because it looked like a feel-good product,” Ed said. “It appeals to the masses, which makes presenting it even easier – I mean, who doesn’t enjoy sending and receiving cards and gifts?”

Linda Thomas – Executive

From the first moment she saw SendOutCards, Linda loved how it was online and available 24/7. Immediately, she felt the allure of a “laptop lifestyle.” Linda was one of the few who didn’t actually know her sponsor – she was introduced to SendOutCards on a cold call. “At that time, I was with another network marketing company and wasn’t really in the market for another opportunity,” Linda said. “Truth be told, I took the appointment thinking I would hear him out and maybe even recruit him for my business. But once I sent a card, I was hooked! And when I saw the opportunity, I signed up on the spot.”

Gayle Zientek – Senior Manager

When she was introduced to SendOutCards, Gayle Zientek saw a faster, more convenient way to do what she was already doing. She knew she’d found a tool that would revolutionize her real estate business. Before SendOutCards, Gayle was hand-writing thank you cards, copying them before she sent them, and filing the copies into a three-ring binder.

Don Shan – Senior Manager

SendOutCards is all about kindness, gratitude, and generosity, so it’s no surprise when it catches the eye of genuinely nice, humble people like Don Shan. In the not-so-distant-past, Don was just another broke college graduate struggling to get by. He was looking for a job so he could start paying off his student loans. He’d followed the plan: Go to school, study hard, get good grades, and find a good paying job. But Don soon found that the plan wasn’t working. That realization led to a burgeoning career as an entrepreneur, and today Don is a successful team builder with SendOutCards.

Luis & Heather Garcia – Executives

Opportunities often come knocking when we least expect them. For Heather and Luis Garcia, their defining moment came when, on a two-week vacation, they found themselves at the rim of the Grand Canyon, talking to a young newlywed couple in their mid-twenties. “They’d sold everything they owned and were taking a year to travel around the world before starting their careers,” Luis said. “I finally came to a tough realization, and within one month I’d quit my job and was actively searching out different entrepreneurial opportunities.”

Joy Klohonatz – Senior Manager

When Joy Klohonatz was first introduced to SendOutCards, she was representing another direct sales company. “Truth be told, I wasn’t that interested in taking the time to learn about something else,” Joy said. “But shortly thereafter, I noticed my friend’s SendOutCards business was flourishing.” Her friend Linda Thomas again shared with Joy how SendOutCards could prove invaluable to her business. In 2007, Joy became a SendOutCards customer. It wasn’t until January of 2013, though, when her previous company closed, that Joy was ready to give SendOutCards a go.

Callie Shields – Executive

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Callie Shields was making a six-figure income in corporate America before the age of 30 – the American Dream, right? Except Callie soon found she was spending most of her time out of town on business, and she absolutely hated it. Despite the fact that she was already earning a substantial income, Callie was willing to take a look at network marketing. “I met Stacy Ryan, who first told me about SendOutCards, but I didn’t really understand it until I received a card from her,” Callie said. “I’d actually been looking for a way to send birthday and thank you cards to my customers. After I went online and sent my first card, I knew if I didn’t get involved I’d end up kicking myself a few years down the road.”