SOC Memory Vault

Storage For Your Most Treasured Moments

The SOC Memory Vault and SOC Memory Vault Unlimited are storage packages that give you additional storage for your cards, contacts, pictures and campaigns for the lifetime of your account. Plus you’ll receive a professionally designed 7-touch Celebration Campaign to start sending right away. This campaign comes with the purchase of either package and includes a Thank You, Birthday, Anniversary, Spring, Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and New Years card. Both packages can be purchased during the sign up process or at a later time by visiting Purchase Products. View the packages below!

$99 - SOC Memory Vault

Item #11687

Storage For:

  • 500 Saved Cards
  • 1000 Pictures
  • 100 Campaigns
  • 2500 Contacts
  • Unlimited Card History
  • Pre-loaded 7-touch Celebration Campaign

$199 - SOC Memory Vault Unlimited

Item #11914

Storage For:

  • UNLIMITED Saved Cards
  • UNLIMITED Pictures
  • UNLIMITED Campaigns
  • UNLIMITED Contacts
  • UNLIMITED Card History
  • Pre-loaded 7-touch Celebration Campaign

*Please note, Customers and Distributors who enroll after Sept. 11, 2015, receive basic storage. This includes enough storage for 250 Saved Cards, 500 Photos, 50 Campaigns and 1500 Contacts. For additional information, please read the Compensation Plan Details

7-Touch Celebration Campaign

The 7-touch Celebration Campaign is a card campaign ready for use when you purchase the SOC Memory Vault. This campaign allows you to immediately communicate with your contacts on a personal level. Take a look at these beautiful cards, perfect for many occasions. 




New Year



Thank You

Product Payout

Product Payout* Sponsor Manager Senior Manager Executive Senior Executive Eagle
SOC Memory Vault $12 $6 $4 $4 $3 $1
SOC Memory Vault Unlimited $24 $12 $8 $8 $6 $2