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with SendOutCards

Join us on Tuesdays & Thursdays for our newest call – In the Know with SendOutCards! During this call, Support Manager Walter McFashion, along with a member of the Marketing Team (and other special guests) discusses everything to get you in the know. Get the latest ITS update, answers to most frequently asked questions, and helpful tips and tricks directly from our corporate team.

SendOutCards Game Changing Updates

New Sending System & More!

As many of you have heard, we have launched a SendOutCards system overhaul unlike any you have seen, beginning April 9th. Watch as our Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Kody Bateman explains the exciting system enhancements, which will skyrocket your bottom line with relationship marketing.

Watch the entire announcement from the event.

New Card Catalog & Checkout Process

Check out our new Card Catalog! Filled with professionally designed cards, created by our SendOutCards Design Team, that are perfect for quick and efficient sending.

You will now find Photo Drop Cards, Create Your Own Cards, and Catalog Cards that can be be printed on our upgraded Pearl paper. We also released the option for Flat Cards! Visit the new Card Catalog and go through our sleek, upgraded checkout process - which includes a credit card checkout!

New Subscription Options

We have the perfect subscription offerings for any user! Our new Premium and Enterprise subscriptions include FREE Single Card Send, Discounted or FREE Group Sends, and more!

Make sure to check out our new Compensation Plan Details to find new commission payout information and group volume detail.

Additionally, we are moving to weekly checks! Beginning April 11th, all commission and bonus checks will be sent out each week on Wednesday (for the previous Monday-Sunday). You will also find new business pages!

Campaign Store

CampaignFolio & Sample Packs

Find the perfect relationship marketing campaign for purchase in our new Campaign Store! You will also find the Essentials Pack, curated for any new user to begin their SendOutCards experience. This pack includes the Handwriting Font & Signatures and First Impressions Cards.

To assist our Referral Partners in building their business, we have created our CampaignFolio. This folio includes 17 sample cards, from separate niches, to share when presenting SendOutCards. You can also purchase our Campaign Store Sample pack, which includes seventeen 5-touch sample campaigns, in various categories, to be able to present our relationship system to any business or prospect.

New Revolution Office

We have enhanced our Revolution Back Office for all of our Referral Partners! To become a Referral Partner, the cost is $59 - along with a $59 annual renewal. Use the Revolution Back Office to track your business actions and downline activities.

Relationship Marketing Summits

You will not want to miss Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Kody Bateman, as he shares the importance of incorporating a relationship system into marketing strategies in all forms of business.

This event, held in a variety of regions around the world, will provide you with insightful personal development tools fused with pivotal business building fundamentals to help you in your personal and professional life.

2018 Leadership Retreat

All Executives, Senior Executives, and Eagles are invited to join us at our annual Leadership Retreat. This year, our event will be held in the beautiful mountains of Park City, UT. Certain qualifications must be met in order to qualify to attend the event.

More information will be sent to those who qualify.