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The SendOutCards Opportunity

Receive Compensation By Sharing SendOutCards

Financial Success

Paired with helping millions of people act on their promptings, SendOutCards' mission is to provide a vehicle for financial success. Our income opportunity provides you with exactly that. Watch "The SendOutCards Business Presentation" video above to learn how you can earn an income by sharing SendOutCards with others.

How Do I Make Money with SendOutCards?

There are two types of income you can earn with SendOutCards –bonuses and residual commissions. Below are several methods of earning these bonuses and commissions. For more information on SendOutCards’ income opportunity, please see our Compensation Plan Details.

Customer Direct Retail Profits

Sell your services directly to a customer by sending out a card, gift, or sending one of our Photo Store products. You send the item to them from your account and collect the money directly from them. You may sell Preferred Customer Splash Pak codes and collect the profit directly.

Retail Sales Commissions

This monthly commission is paid based on sales to customers. More customers buying your products means more income.

Fast Start Bonus

This one-time bonus is paid twice a week and is based on you getting new customers within 7 days of becoming a distributor.

Monthly Manager Bonus Pool

This monthly bonus consists of one percent of all global customer volume and is split with qualified participants.

Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB)

This one-time bonus is paid twice a week and is based on you helping your new MD's to get new customers to become card senders.

Leadership Bonus

This one-time bonus is paid twice a week to those distributors who advance themselves through the ranks and demonstrate the ability to help their distributors to grow their businesses. Leadership Bonuses increase as you advance in rank in the system and you are rewarded for helping more people sell products, recruit and train customers and distributors.

7-Level Downline Commission

This monthly commission is based on volume sold on the first 7 levels of your organization as a distributor.

Leadership Volume Commission

The Leadership Volume Commission is paid monthly and is based on the volume sold in your downline organization. This bonus pays to unlimited levels depending on how your organization is coded to you as a leader.

Please see SendOutCards’ Compensation Plan for further details.

Please feel free to check out SendOutCards’ Income Disclosure Chart.