Includes: System License, PicturePlus 2.0™, Treat 'em Right Seminar Ticket, 200 points (good for 60 days),
      Contact Manager, ability to send card campaigns, personalized handwriting font, $0.31 points (with autoship)

      Includes: System License, PicturePlus 2.0™, Contact Manager, ability to send card campaigns, $0.49 points, 100 points
      (good for 60 days)


      Includes: a SOCBox account, your first 10 cards, and PicturePlus™.
     Please ship me a physical copy of the SOCBox for an additional $8.95.
(this is not needed to create or access your account. Not available outside the U.S.A.)

      Expense Account (Optional: Funds for postage & Gift Cards)

All transactions are processed in U.S funds
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Automatic Renewal Program
You must renew your Send Out Cards Distributor Agreement on or before each anniversary of your enrollment. The renewal fee is $59.00 annually. If you fail to renew on time, your Send Out Cards business will be cancelled and you will lose all rights as a Distributor, including but not limited to the right to receive remuneration under the Send Out Cards Compensation Plan. So you don't inadvertently forget to renew, Send Out Cards will automatically renew the Distributor Agreement of Distributors in good standing and charge their credit card for the appropriate renewal fee. You will be notified via e-mail at least 30 days before your credit card is charged.
Yes, please automatically renew my Distributor Agreement on each anniversary date of my enrollment. Charge my renewal fee to the credit card used for this application.

Please read the following documents. Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures, and the Marketing Compensation Plan
By clicking Continue below, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the Policies and Procedures, Terms and Conditions, and the Notice of Right to Cancel presented here.

New distributorship applicants must purchase a Send Out Cards Distributor Kit. The kit contains essential sales and marketing material and literature to help you build your business. There is no obligation to purchase products or services to become a Distributor.

The entreprenuer packages above include the Send Out Cards Distributor Kit.

You may cancel your agreement and receive a full refund of your Distributor Kit within three business days (five days for Alaska residents, fifteen days for Montana residents) from the date on which this Agreement is submitted to the Company. Click to view details of your right to cancel.

Note: The Distributor Kit is not required for residents of North Dakota.

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