Campaigns Overview

Go to your Campaigns.

Click 'Create New Campaign'.

Enter a Name for the campaign.

Verify the Return Address.

Click 'Create A New Card For This Campaign'.

Leave as default or create a specific name. Click 'Continue'.

Find a card then choose a card type. (Postcard, Greeting Card, 3 Panel Card, Big Card)

Edit your card. You can insert your recipient's first, last, or spouses name by clicking 'Insert Name'.

If you chose a Greeting Card or 3 Panel Card, you have the option to send a gift with the card.

Select a gift, or click 'Continue Without Gift'.

You can select a specific date for the card(s) to be sent on by clicking 'Send Time: Immediate' and choosing 'Specific Date'.

Remember! If the date you choose has already passed, the card(s) will send on that date next year.

Click 'Save Card'.

At this point you are ready to send the campaign to your contacts.

Click 'Contact Manager'.

Pull up the list of contacts you'd like to send the campaign to.

Click 'Select Campaign'.

Choose your campaign from the drop down menu.

Click 'Send Campaign To Checked'

Verify that everything is correct then click 'Yes'.

Your Campaign has now been scheduled to send!

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